Trends in Door Design & Materials!

Posted by Rick Delgado on Friday, December 3rd, 2021 at 1:43pm.

Trends in Door Design & Materials

Elizabeth Taylor once said, “I feel very adventurous. There are so many doors to be opened and I’m not afraid to look behind them.” If you too are feeling a little adventurous, then maybe the time has come to look at your own doors, to try something new in embracing the latest trends. Doors are, to paraphrase architect Bob Boron, the gateway to your home, ones that accent any entry, and 2021 offers a number of trends that could be the perfect accent to entering your home or as gorgeous interior touches to liven up the rooms we’ve all spent too much time in during Covid.


For those of you thinking of adding or replacing doors to liven up your living space, here are a few trends you might keep in mind as you make your choices:


  1. Exterior Doors

    1. The monster door--doors in heights of up to 12 feet and widths of 10 feet have become all the rage. Usually requiring special pivot hardware and made of a variety of materials from wood to glass, these oversized doors feel otherworldly and make a space feel grand.

    2. Dutch doors--they may seem old school, but these double-sectioned doors that open on the top half have become a popular choice for back doors where the top half can remain open to let air in and watch the kids while keeping pets out.

    3. Minimalist doors--forget the ornate glass or the intricate inlays, today’s trend is toward simple lines. Classic wood in natural stains or washed in gray stain allows the beauty of the grain to stand out.

    4. Big glass--while some are choosing to ditch the glass for simplicity, those who want to go glass wild are going big, and newly designed privacy glass is allowing for more light with less exposure (of you that is).

  2. Interior Doors

    1. Wide doors--whether two-leaved wood, double pocket doors, or one large glass swinging door, the wide door has become a way to create separation in spaces, such as offices, that need to be closed off.

    2. High doors--glass doors that reach the ceiling or traditional transom doors are a trend, particularly for rooms with low ceilings. The high door makes the space feel larger and adds that unique touch to your interior spaces.

    3. Pocket or sliding doors--pocket doors are a great way to save space taken by the swinging door, but are also being incorporated in the form of farm track doors and stacked glass panels as a means of walling off spaces to create a greater sense of separation.

    4. Glass--glass doors in interior spaces are wonderful for creating separation but keeping your rooms light and airy. Divide a large room with glass doors that can be retracted and, if you need a bit of extra privacy, put up curtains or blinds that can be used to create a completely secluded space.

  3. Materials

    1. Wood--this traditional material is still a great choice that offers durability and efficiency, and the current trend is to celebrate wood with a natural finish.

    2. Composite--composite doors offer the strength and efficiency of wood but are less expensive.

    3. Glass--glass doors are bold and new designs have made this a choice that can offer more privacy and security than in the past.

    4. Iron doors--still a classic choice, iron can be custom made to offer an elegant design option that is strong, durable, efficient, and that offers security beyond many of the other options.


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