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California Sellers are Relocating to the Other States. Why?


California has long been known for sunshine, health, and Hollywood dreams. In the lore of America, starry-eyed youth flock to the promised land beckoned by the silver screen; retirees look for the good life along the coast or in the verdant fields of wine country; urban professionals seek their niche in San Diego, San Francisco, and L.A. But lore is lore, and the more recent truth is that California is losing more residents than it’s gaining.


Covid has certainly had an impact on movement away from the state. Lauren Hepler, an economy reporter for CalMatters, cites the statistic that “from July 2019 to July 2020, 135,000 more people left the state than moved here.” Something,…

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California Home Buying Slowing Down


The resurgence of the coronavirus in the form of the delta variant has thrown the economy into another loop, and the housing market is continuing to flounder in a still very bouncy market. Overall, the California housing sector specifically is seeing trends that point to some cooling. In comparison to last year, summertime home sales have slumped slightly at around two percent, but year-to-date home sales continue to trend upward, and the market still remains highly competitive. 


The Desire for the Home Office Continues to Reign Supreme


Since the post-pandemic era seems to be farther away than most have anticipated, the desire to move out of populated areas and into bigger homes continues to…

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Why Cash Buyers Are Relocating From SF to Cities Like Sacramento

After a year of remote work and COVID-19 restrictions, homebuyers in cities like San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles are looking elsewhere to find their new homes. One influx that’s raising everyone’s radar is the one happening from San Francisco to Sacramento. 

According to Redfin, about 26,247 homeowners are leaving San Francisco, and their top destinations are Sacramento or Seattle. Around 24% of local users are searching elsewhere as of July 2020. But why the sudden influx?

Realtors across the country are noticing these migration patterns happening in big cities. In particular, California’s realtors see a higher demand for cities like Sacramento, San Diego, and Los…

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