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New homes in Sacramento are a great living option for a number of different homebuyers. There are many advantages to buying new including updated interiors, solid construction, and custom finishes.

Sacramento Offers Variety

From fully loaded low-maintenance condos to upscale executive homes, the options are plentiful and vary with every neighborhood. Whether you're a first-time homebuyer, a family looking to upgrade, or in your golden years and looking for a nice place to retire, with a range of new Sacramento homes to choose from, there's something to suit every lifestyle and budget.

New Homes Are More Affordable

New Sacramento homes are also more affordable as they require less money up front when it comes to repairs and maintenance.…

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The Sacramento real estate market has been hot, and the latest market numbers show that there are no signs of slowing down just yet, despite seasonal slow-downs being the norm this time or year. In September, new open escrows jumped 17 percent, while resale home inventory went down. Demand for real estate continues to grow, while a mere 4,828 properties (7 percent fewer homes available compared to the same time last year) were available for sale on the market in the greater Sacramento area through September 30th.

Are home prices still on the rise?

If you are a home buyer searching for a home, you can now breathe a sigh of relief. Median sales prices for the greater Sacramento region have indeed stabilized at around $357,000 (unchanged for the past 3…

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renovation-checklistRenovations are not only exciting, but they can take some time depending on the project that you’re trying to tackle. With this in mind, you have to be both physically and mentally prepared. You have to know you have the right amount of funds, that you're ready to take on such a large job and that you have all the required resources. However, what exactly should you be looking into prior to starting these renovations?


Before starting any large renovation, you should consider whether or not permits are something that are going to be needed. When it comes to adding on additions to a home, or even pools in the backyard; permits may be required to do so. The contractor that you choose should be able to get these for you but you want to double…

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Our Favorite Real Estate Tips from the ExpertsWhether you’re buying, selling or renting a home; having tips to help you get through the process is essential. Use our list of quick tips directly from experts to know if you’re doing it right.

Tips for renters

Always buy renter's insurance

If you’re renting, always choose to purchase renter’s insurance. You never know what might happen and without it, nothing is covered; even the place you’re renting.

Document the property before moving in, and after moving out

It is essential to take pictures after you’ve moved out of a rental. This will provide proof of what you have and haven’t done, so nothing comes back later against you.

Raise your credit score quickly before you rent

Having poor credit can ruin your chances of renting a great…

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