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how-to-boost-natural-light-in-your-homeNatural light is a great way to add plenty of appeal to your home. It gives the impression of a brighter, cleaner home, and can save money on electricity throughout the year. With the right items, placement and windows throughout your home; you too can achieve that peaceful, welcoming look that's oh so desirable to potential homebueyrs.

Use Mirrors Throughout the Home

Using reflective surfaces throughout the home can really open up a space. It is also where the natural light will hit, bounce off the walls and throughout the room. If you want to make a space appear larger, try large mirrors. It's a very inexpensive way to boost natural light in your home

Think Light and Thin

Curtains are a pretty addition, and while they can keep out the cold,…

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serrano-country-clubSerrano is a beautiful neighborhood with families and singles alike. Safety is always a big factor when choosing a neighborhood and Serrano is just that and more. When you’re thinking of living in a beautiful area, a quiet area and one that looks out for one another, Serrano should be the first neighborhood that comes to mind. With beautiful, well up kept and landscaped homes; you can ensure that you get a beautiful home that fits well with the rest of the neighborhood.

Where is Serrano located?

Right on top of the rolling hills of El Dorado Hills, Serrano is the secluded neighborhood that has all of the conveniences and comforts you’d find within a larger community. With small shops, friendly neighbors and enough parks to go around, everyone is…

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