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El Dorado Hills and Folsom both open up to the beautiful landscaping, homes and community around them. With highly rated schools within walking distance from both neighborhoods, children can feel safe and secure while parents allow them to have more freedom. No house on the block looks drab or run down, and each has it’s own unique quality to offer to the new homeowner.

Our Beautiful Features Homes Within This Area

489 Muerer St, Folsom

Bedrooms: 6
Bathrooms: 3
MLS: 15030163

If you want to live in a lush, upscale home that has it all and more, this beautiful home is it. With lush landscaping all around and a backyard large enough to let the kids or dogs roam, it is ideal for families. The home opens up to the living area and kitchen, allowing…

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va-loans-californiaVA loans in California are there to provide veterans with the necessary funding they need in order to purchase homes. Using these loans, numerous veterans have had the chance at homeownership with an affordable mortgage rate and payment. If you’re interested in learning more regarding VA loans, read on to find out if you would qualify for one of these great loans.

What is a VA Loan?

A VA loan, more specifically is a mortgage loan that is personally guaranteed by the US Department of Veterans Affairs. This loan can be issued to anyone that qualifies according to their specific standards, and can be issued by only qualified lenders. This program was initially designed to provide a long term financing solution for American veterans and their families.

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home-staging-tipsEveryone wants a beautiful home. They want it to stand out to their guests when they walk in, but what stands between having a beautiful home and having the home you have now? Style, organization and the right tips to help you along the way. Anyone can have a comfortable, stylish and beautiful home when items are placed just right throughout it. Use these home staging tips, and sell your home in no time.

Go with the Right Paint

Having a white or cream colored ceiling can make the room appear larger than it is. Using tones on the walls that mesh with skin colors can be inviting. While choosing darker colors provide the room with a more relaxed feeling, and gives the professional, yet modern appeal that you see so often inside magazines.


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