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kitchen-trends-2015The kitchen is one of the most looked at and used parts of the home. Providing yourself with a beautiful kitchen space that you enjoy, but also that sellers will enjoy can increase your chances of selling the home faster when you put it on the market. Consider these top kitchen trends for the upcoming year.

Minimalist Kitchens

Generally, throughout the years, kitchen experts would say that more is better. You want bigger and better items everywhere, from the small extras to the large appliances and beyond. However, experts are saying less is certainly more when it comes to 2015 kitchen trends. Minimalistic kitchens provide the open, airy feeling buyers and homeowners love. It makes the kitchen seem clean, open and have enough room for all items.

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how-to-negotiate-rentYou love renting, you love the place you rent, and you want to make sure that you can stay there indefinitely.

One problem; your landlord has raised the rent.

They have given you the notice stating when it is in effect and how much you can expect to pay. The amount that it goes up though, is a substantial amount, which puts you in a bind.

Rent increases can happen, and they should be outlined within your lease agreement between you and the landlord. They cannot raise your rent amount however, unless your lease is expiring. Only when you sign a new lease can the rent amount be increased to the demand on the market. This is when you can decide whether or not you want to take the increase, or find somewhere else to live!

The rent increases are generally…

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moving-with-petsPets are part of the family, which means when you move, they generally move with you. However, moving them can be quite a confusing and stressful experience for pets. It also leave you with additional responsibilities while moving your items from one home to the next. Here are tips to keep in mind when moving your items, as well as your pets with you.

Get a Pet Sitter

Ask a neighbor or family member to pet sit for your four-legged friends until moving is complete. If your pets stay with someone they know, they are less likely to get stressed out. If you do not know anyone, boarding for dogs and cats might be ideal but can be expensive.

Confine Your Pets

Get a cage or kennel to keep your pets safe during the moving process. Open doors are a…

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Last month we covered the best things to do in Sacramento during the winter. This month, we cover all the best Sacramento New Years Eve events. As the year winds down, and the new one is upon us, there are many way to celebrate. If you're looking to ring in 2015 with family and friends, read on.

New Year’s Eve Sky Spectacular

December 31, 2014
In Old Sacramento
Admission: FREE

Now in its 14th year, New Year’s Eve Sky Spectacular marks the ending of an old year with a bang. This is a free event for residents to enjoy an impressive display of lights and fireworks along the historic waterfront along Old Sacramento. Sound effects with the light show will be a feast for the all of the senses. The first show is at 6:30, with shows at 9:00pm and at midnight.…

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sacramento-walkscoreWhile Sacramento itself has never been known as a walkable city, there are many neighborhoods within the city which are pedestrian friendly. These select pockets of the city are a haven for cyclists and offer support for those living active lifestyles. Here are the top 5 walkable communities in Sac according to Walk Score.

Downtown Sacramento

If you like busy, bustling streets and businesses around every corner, you can live the fast life Downtown. With an extensive public transport system, and bike paths throughout, you’re able to get everywhere with ease. The Crest Theater is a favorite among movie buffs, while restaurants such as Burgers and Brew, Petra Greek and Fox and Goose can satisfy any appetite.

Boulevard Park

If biking is your…

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Moving to the Carmichael or Lodi area can be a beautiful time to start. Beautiful parks await around each and every corner, along with highly rated schools. Restaurants, theaters and other recreational facilities are also available for you to make use of during your time in the area. If you’re considering these neighborhoods, consider the that they have to offer.

Homes within this area range between $400,000 and $1,000,000. They include enough room for your family to stretch out and become comfortable. Large yards welcome swing sets and outdoor living areas. Feel comfortable with your surroundings, and enjoy updated features throughout each home.

2626-Napoli-Ct-Carmichael-CA2626 Napoli Ct, Carmichael, CA 10608

Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 3
MLS#: 14051781


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Macys-Theatre-of-LightsWhen: Every Wed-Sat from November 26th through December 31st
Where: Old Sacramento on K Street between Front and 2nd Streets
Admission: FREE

Every year in December, beautiful lights welcome those who visit downtown Sac. Macy's Theatre of Lights is a free event put on by the Old Sacramento Business Association.  During this annual event, downtown lights up with specialty designs, festive blinking lights and creative facades. Everywhere you look from the street to the windows, there will be lights are on display in Old Sacramento for your viewing pleasure.

Bring the entire family, and find out the true meaning of the holiday spirit.  Stories are told throughout the entire block, as you walk down and admire the festive displays. With Mark Twain narrating…

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how to get rid of pet odorsPets are a beautiful thing to have. They become part of the family, and they make a home that much better. That being said, pet odors can be a problem when it comes to selling your home. Pet odors, stains, and hair can be very off-putting to potential buyers. The best way to sell your pet-friendly home is to make it seem as if they are not there in the first place. Removing the look and smell of pets throughout the home doesn’t have to be hard to do, either. Learn how to get rid of pet odors with these 7 helpful tips, and get your home sold sooner.

Remove Pet Hair With Duct Tape

Duct tape, it works wonders. Roll it up, with the sticky side out and place it over a paint roller. You it to roll around the furniture, the carpets and anything else that…

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