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cosmos-towerAs you drive down Interstate 80 into Roseville, CA you have seen a tall, red piece of art towering over the trees on the freeway.  Ever wonder what that piece of art is, what it represents, or why it is there?  For a long time, many visitors and residents have wondered what this vibrant piece of art represented, or if it is supposed to be a rose, to represent the City of Roseville.

This piece of art is called “Cosmos” (often referred to as Cosmos Tower) and was created by Aris Demetrios in 1990.  A Roseville developer, Angelo Tsakopoulos, commissioned this piece of art and dedicated it to the people of Roseville.  It is actually a sculpture that symbolizes unity. 

About Cosmos Tower

Cosmos can be seen at Sculpture Park, which is located between…

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malaysia-airlines-flight-370In light of the most current events regarding the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 being shot down and speculation of it being committed by the Russian Separatist Group, many traders in the market rushed to buy bonds. This means mortgage rates saw an unnatural drop due to the increase in bond purchases.  However, the shock will eventually wear down, causing mortgage rates to increase again. 

Coinciding with the above news, our national real estate news is not looking as favorable either.  Housing stats fell down 9%.  Although single family permits did rise 6%, the housing market this month isn’t as healthy as many economists would have liked to see.  Jobless claims also fell 3,000 in recent weeks.

What exactly does this mean for mortgage rates?  Because…

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Are you curious to know how the market is doing for Roseville in the 95661 zip code? In this article, we will discuss current market conditions, a prediction of where the market is going, and will include a list of most recently sold homes for Roseville in the 95661 zip code.

Current Market Conditions for Roseville (95661)

In the last 2 to 3 months, home prices have been returning to the August 2013 and September 2013 prices. We also have seen that in the past 12 months, home values have increased about 9% for Roseville.

Market Predictions for Roseville (95661)

Although the housing market has been slower compared to last year, home prices are predicted to continue to increase slowly over the next couple of months. With historically low…

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fiddyment-farmsAre you looking to live in a master planned community that is peaceful and full of history and character, but not so far from freeways, businesses and restaurants?  Look no further than Fiddyment Farms in West Roseville.

About Fiddyment Farms

Fiddyment Farms is a 1,700-acre master planned community that was once ranch land owned by the Fiddyment family.  Fiddyment Farms is a community set on meandering creeks, majestic oak groves, meadows, and orchards. 

Conserving much of the beautiful natural beauty of this area, the developers of Fiddyment Farms worked hard to develop a community plan that offers modern conveniences while keeping the charm and history of Fiddyment Farms.

Parks, Open Spaces, and Bike Trails in Fiddyment Farms

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Renting vs. Buying a home is the question facing many Americans. Many potential homebuyers see the purchase a home as a good investment, but this isn't always the case. Renting also has its benefits; zero maintenance, no closing costs, property taxes or legal fees to pay as well. And while each has its pros and cons, that doesn't necessarily make one better than the other. Rather than strictly seeing things from a financial point of view, whether you choose to rent or own will largerly depend on your personal preference and desired lifestyle.

This handy infographic breaks down the renting versus buying debate.

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sacramento-food-truck-maniaRecently, food truck dining has made a huge and popular comeback. Food trucks are mentioned, visited, and loved by many people.

Food truck popularity is merited by the fact that you can eat a variety of food and cuisines all in the comfort of a city park or street. Worried about how sanitary food trucks are? A recent study found that food safety standards of trucks and carts in cities including Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Miami often meet or exceeds restaurant ratings.

Another benefit of eating from food trucks is the fact that they are very affordable. Because overhead is low for a food truck versus a restaurant, you will often find that you can find quality foods for cheaper.

If you are interested in trying out this new way of eating out, you can…

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