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I hope your week is going well and wish you a successful weekend. Below is a LINK to my quick update on where mortgage rates are.

 Home For Sacramento"

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Five Things That Most Real Estate Agent Won't Tell You

It's okay to feel excited about new purchasing new things, but when it comes to buying a property, you have to be as objective as possible. Your agent can be a lot of help in giving you the basic know-how on important real estate subjects that may be new to your ears, but you also need to know that there are things that will be of big help that they may forget to communicate to you upfront.

Emotions Can Get In The Way

If you're so keen on buying a property because it brings you such nostalgia, you might want to step back a little bit and reconsider your burning desires. Ask questions about safety and strategy when the push comes to shove. The amenities are great but is the neighborhood safe…

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There are so many reasons why you would want to choose to buy a property in what most people love to call the City of Trees. While the extreme heat during summer may talk you out of moving to this really fun city, living here can be so much thrilling. So you have deliberated all the right reasons to move? Now, you feel like all you need is that extra push. If you feel like making some major changes in your outlook in life, why not consider the following factors to help you finally make up your mind to live in Sacramento.

World-class Universities

If aside from starting a new, one of your reasons of moving is to further your education, Sacramento is home to world-class colleges and universities. University of California, University of Phoenix, and…

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