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Color Design Strategies for Your Garden

Are you one of those people who finds themselves on evening walks admiring the delicate yellow buds of Coreopsis, considering the layout of a neighbor’s neat rows of Cardinal flowers accented by the pink plumes of Astilbe, only to return home and wonder how to make your own garden look so good? You don’t have to be a landscape designer to create a colorful and inspiring garden if you follow a few basic principles for color design.

  1. Create the proper backdrop: Materials for borders and planters should be in neutral colors and made of local natural materials if possible. Flintstone and brick make ideal backdrops that allow your plants to take the limelight. Avoid green materials whenever possible as the…

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Ways to Plan Now for An Easier Tax Season

If there’s one thing that everyone can agree on, it’s that filing taxes should be a whole lot easier. But you don’t have to stress about the coming tax season and put all preparation off until next spring. 


Continue reading to see some of our tips and strategies for early planning to best prepare for the next tax season. 

Get Organized

The first course of action to an easier tax filing season is to stay organized. As you go throughout the year, keep all of your tax-related documents in one place. 


Plus, you’ll want to keep past year’s returns easily accessible in case you’ll need that data. Come time to file your taxes, you’ll be grateful that you don’t have to scramble to gather all…

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How to Determine the Best Height for Your Home Fence


If you’re considering putting in a new fence or even replacing an old one, you’ve probably put lots of thought into what you want it to look like, including the materials you want to use, the style of the fence, and even its positioning. But have you considered the height of your fence? There are a number of factors that go into the choice of how high to build that are important to consider before you start buying materials.


As you plan your final design, here are a few things you might ask that will help you determine what should be the best height for your fence.


  1. Cost: Not all fences are made the same and choosing wrought iron over wood may make a difference in your…

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How to Spot a Quality Piece of Bauhaus Furniture

Bauhaus has always been known for its charming 20th-century designs, which can easily be integrated into modern design and styles. So, let’s take a look at how you can identify Bauhaus-style furniture pieces, and what you can look for when seeking pieces of your own. 

What is Bauhaus Furniture?

Bauhaus furniture originates from the Bauhaus School founded in Germany in 1919 by architect Walter Gropius. The school was short-lived as it closed in 1933 when facing mounting pressure from the Nazi regime, though its long-standing impact on the design world is somewhat unrivaled to this day. 


This style is based on a couple of main pillars, giving them a distinct style that is still highly…

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3 Ways to Upgrade Your Dining Room Table

Have you ever felt like your dining table might seem too outdated or dull? You don’t need to spend thousands on a new one or throw it away. There are many things one can do to spice up an old flat top, from a quick setup refresh to a fun DIY project. Add light to your dining room, and watch how the space transforms. Here are some ways to spruce up your dining room table without breaking your budget (or furniture).  

1. Repainting Everything

The easiest and cheapest way to transform your dining table and chair set is to repaint them. If you have a light wood or beige-colored table, you may either tint it darker or prime it to add some color warmth. If you have a dark wood table, consider sanding it down…

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How Appraisers Determine Home Value


If you are looking to buy, sell, or refinance a home, the transaction will almost certainly involve a home appraisal (unless an all-cash buyer is involved). A home appraisal is an unbiased opinion of the value of the home provided by a professional who is licensed or certified and who knows the local area. Federal regulations mandate that the appraiser must be impartial and should have no stake in the sales transaction of the property.


A home appraisal is usually ordered by the lender and paid for by the buyer (or refinancer) with a typical cost running between $300 and $450. The purpose is to ensure that the mortgage amount does not exceed the value of the property so that, should the lender have to…

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How Counties Assess Property Taxes


Veteran property owners know the sense of foreboding when that nondescript envelope arrives announcing the year’s property tax assessment, but if you’re new to ownership, you may not understand how taxes on your property are calculated.


In Mexico, property tax bills don’t come in the mail. Each property owner is expected to pay these taxes yearly. The county issues decreasing discounts in the first months of each calendar year so there is a strong incentive to pay in January as the discount can be as high as 20% and then decrease rapidly in February. 


Property, or real estate, taxes are calculated by your county or local government and are an essential source of income to pay for things such…

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Housing Inventory Down, Interest Rates Up

Every American trying to find a house in today’s market will face an interesting reality: there’s a lack of options. This isn’t because homebuyers can’t find homes that fit their wants, but instead because of low inventory plaguing communities across the country. With interest rates up and a low housing inventory, what’s the reality of those looking to buy or sell real estate in the market? Here’s what the latest numbers suggest.

What exactly is a low housing inventory?

Low inventory means strong buyer demand–people looking for houses–but not many sellers. This causes an imbalance creating a shortage of available homes for sale when this happens. Demand was higher than the current supply, so there was…

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Investing in Your Living Room

Getting the family together for quality time is always gratifying, and having a beautiful and cozy space where you can kick back takes the experience to a whole new level. While hiring an interior designer can sometimes be expensive, there is no better place in your home to splurge than in the main living areas. Below, we’ll discuss a few ways to invest in your living room to maximize comfort levels without compromising your budget. 

Good investments


In your living room, one of the most important pieces to splurge on is the sofa. Investing in a comfortable and durable sofa or couch that can last years and endure the wear and tear of pets, guests, and children is a smart choice. Ranging in price, you can…

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Retrofitting Your Home for Cold Durability

Retrofitting your home can radically improve energy performance, especially during winter. In some cases, retrofits can achieve up to 50% reductions by addressing different energy loads around the home. Whether you’re completing a total remodel project or you’re looking to make energy improvements to your home, these are some retrofitting projects to upgrade your home for year-round energy savings. 

Time to Service or Upgrade Major Appliances

Most of the energy load for your home comes from major appliances. While you don’t need to replace all your appliances right now, consider the ones that are not energy-efficient. Keep up with a proper maintenance schedule and upgrade them over time. Even if…

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