Top 10 Home Hacks to Make Life Just a Bit Easier

Posted by Rick Delgado on Tuesday, April 21st, 2015 at 8:06am.

home-cleaning-hacksA clean home is something we all want, but perhaps do not have. You might pinpoint small things around the home you could do to change the look, feel or overall ambiance but it is time consuming.

These home hacks will give you a way to make your home more fresh, more inviting and cleaner without having to spend hours doing chores.

Nix fingerprints on stainless steel with olive oil

Hate fingerprints on your stainless steel appliances? Put a thin coat of olive oil on the surface using a cloth.

Clean soap scum with dryer sheets

Clean water spots, your shower and baseboards using dryer sheets. They smell great and really clean.

Rub out sink stains with toothpaste

Rust stains in a porcelain sink are easy to tackle with toothpaste. Place toothpaste on the stain and let it sit for 15 minutes. Sprinkle baking soda over it and scrub with a soft cloth.

Make your home fresh without candles

Sprinkling essential oils or vanilla extract onto your furnace filter can help circulate that sweet smell everywhere throughout the home. Easy to do and safer than burning many candles.

Hang pictures like a pro

When hanging pictures make sure previous holes have been plastered and painted. From there, you should measure the pictures using newspaper of the same sizes to get an idea of where they should go. Use a measuring tape to even them out.

Repair a torn window screen with nail polish

If there is a tiny tear in your window screen, use clear nail polish to keep it closed. This only applies to smaller tears, and not large ones.

Restore a rotted window frame with epoxy

If there is rotted wood at the base of your window, don’t worry about new windows. Use epoxy to coat the damaged area. One thing to keep in mind though, epoxy doesn't stick to rough, unclean surfaces. Sand down the area and clean it before applying the mixture.

Remove window streaks

Streaks in windows are a common problem. These two cleaning hacks will make your life easier. Wash your windows when it is cloudy outside, otherwise the sun makes the streaks appear. Using newspapers is not only cheap, but a great way to recycle and cleans much better.

Organize drawers with showboxes

Use shoeboxes to organize those drawers. Simple cut them in half to the desired length and place your items inside them.

Make a DIY dry erase board

Keep your to-do list in one place for all to see. Put wall paper, scrapbooking paper or other type of background in a picture frame. Use lightly colored paper, and a dry erase marker to jot down any and all notes.

Your home can be beautiful, clean, organized and well put together using these tips. We promise once you try them, you will say good bye to those old habits and hello to the new.

Rick Delgado

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