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Posted by Rick Delgado on Friday, November 30th, 2012 at 6:52am.

Lauren Ashburn, Daily Downloads pundit hostess, noted that you do not have the right to privacy if you are the head of the CIA and cant conduct a clandestine affair. She has a point, you know. Sort of like a candidate for Secretary of the treasury losing a fortune in the Treasury securities market.


Everywhere we look, it seems, there is evidence of incompetence. (But did we expect Petraus to be a competent cheater? I hope not.)


I think, in any case, that weve all learned far more about damaging personal behavior in high places than we ever wanted to. We didnt have to put up with this nonsense back when FDR and JFK and probably most contemporary politicians in office were concealing their private lives.


Now, sadly, flirtations and romps are treated as if they were just as important as actually stealing a billion here, a billion there from the industries over which you are supposedly a watchdog.


So I add my voiceand youre probably adding yoursto those calling for Washington officials to stop throwing spitwads and water balloons at each other. Stop the childish drama and get down to coming up with a workable agreement to avoid the fiscal cliff.


To those who argue that there are potentially worse things than going over the cliff, it needs simply to be pointed out that there are worse things than a nearly insolvent federal government. But not many.


Perhaps a better way of saying it is that we elected the present occupants of seats in Congress and other federal government positions on the understanding that they would act for the betterment of our nation and its economy. Instead of speaking seriously about expanding the number of available jobs in our land, too many politicians are again wisecracking about how much they're willing to be reasonable while the people on the other side of the aisle are using the fiscal cliff as a way of ramming through a political/economic program.


This is insufferable. Are we really supposed to quake in our boots because powerful Democrats and Republicans are threatening to let the nation dive back into a severe recession without the slightest preparation? Has anyone really contemplated what that could mean, and for how long the damage could last?


Surely, when careful histories are written and we look closely at the reasons that our economy went into a deep and lengthy recession in recent years from which it emerged very slowly, we will see that the ditheringd now pretending to be negotiations between those in power were at the root of the harm, along with the efforts to squeeze as much money as possible from financial instruments and the poor saps who bought them.


Is there any room for hope here? Yes, indeed. Those who hold power in our financial markets are increasingly impatient with the politicians they used to support. In a recent Wall Street Journal conference that gathered top American CEOs to share ideas, the summary conclusion was that a deal on the fiscal cliff should be reached as quickly as possible. Period. Then we can look at other issues.


I have to believe that Congress will find a diminishing return paid for further dithering. I suspect a deal will be reachedmaybe even before Christmas. If it isnt, we are surely all aboard a ship of fools.

Rick Delgado

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