Stage Your Home Like a Pro Using These Secrets

Posted by Rick Delgado on Tuesday, May 5th, 2015 at 2:29pm.

home-staging-tipsEveryone wants a beautiful home. They want it to stand out to their guests when they walk in, but what stands between having a beautiful home and having the home you have now? Style, organization and the right tips to help you along the way. Anyone can have a comfortable, stylish and beautiful home when items are placed just right throughout it. Use these home staging tips, and sell your home in no time.

Go with the Right Paint

Having a white or cream colored ceiling can make the room appear larger than it is. Using tones on the walls that mesh with skin colors can be inviting. While choosing darker colors provide the room with a more relaxed feeling, and gives the professional, yet modern appeal that you see so often inside magazines.

Your Bathroom Should Look Like a Hotel Bathroom

Clean up all of the clutter that is sitting on the sink, and make sure to leave folded towels in a basket on the side. Keep pretty packaged items or hand soap up on the sink, but that is it. You want to give it a clean, pristine, fresh look without making the clutter be too distracting. A nice planted flower in the room can brighten things up a bit.

Add Seating in the Bedroom

Adding a chair or some sort of seating, such as a bench, in one area of the room will make it appear larger than it is. This not only makes the room more functional, but gives it the appearance that it can house that much furniture, as well.

Style the Coffee Table

The way the coffee table is set up can say a lot about the room. This is, whatever is sitting on the coffee table actually makes the coffee table as a whole. Start with a large potted plant in the middle, or a large candle that takes up space. Art books and Other books on one side, and candles or pottery on the other can freshen the table up and make it stand out from the rest.

Layer the Lighting

Having an even ambient glow throughout the room with staggered lighting can give the room a more dramatic effect. Using smaller and taller lamps around the home can give this effect. If you’re using ceiling lighting, adding in smaller lamps can provide a softer glow towards the bottom of the ground.

Create Curb Appeal

One thing homeowners do not know is that it takes only eight-seconds to impress your guest once they walk up and into your home. By providing them with an impression right from the start, such as having a beautiful entryway, you’re inviting them to like the rest of your home, too.

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