Renovation 101: 2014 Kitchen Trends To Love Now!

Posted by Rick Delgado on Thursday, August 14th, 2014 at 7:13am.

kitchen-design-trendsThis year is paving the way for new kitchen design trends. That old stainless steel, sterilized look is now a thing of the past. If you're looking for more of a “pop” or “spark” when it comes to a kitchen, 2014 has some of the best, most loved top kitchen design trends that beat the previous years' trends. Consider upgrading your kitchen, or finding one like these listed and enjoy the space that you're in for most of your life. After all, a beautiful, open, well designed kitchen is a large selling point for many homes.

These 2014 trends are paving the way for even better 2015 kitchen trends that will always stay in style.

Backsplashes Made of Slab

You used to have to piece together little tiles to make the backsplash that you wanted. You no longer have to do this since large pieces of slab are now being used. Get the color scheme and look you want when you use larger, not smaller pieces that stand out in the kitchen that you have. This kitchen design trend is likely to continue through 2015.

Sustainable Materials Throughout

As the world evolves, people are becoming more earth friendly and green conscious. This means finding materials to build with, as well as use throughout the kitchen that are recycled but still look brand new. Going energy-efficient is one of those things. This is everything from the windows to the appliances throughout the kitchen – and the rest of the home, as well. Top kitchen design trends consistently featured sustainable designs.

Built in Cabinetry

If you wanted to fool someone with where your secret junk food stash is, with built in cabinetry, you're able to do just that. Not only are the cabinets useful since they represent furniture throughout the kitchen but they look great and you can get more space and use out of your existing kitchen. Why didn't they think of this sooner? Don't expect this kitchen trend to go away anytime soon.

Black and Brass

2014-kitchen-trendsBoth are popular choices for the hardware found in kitchens in 2014. That aged brass look provides a historical glint, while the black matches and offsets it for a modern look. You're able to get a nice duo with both types of hardware throughout the entire kitchen. Plus, it is different than the traditional stainless steel that was once ever so popular.

New Lighting

Hanging, under lights are what is being used as a kitchen design trend throughout 2014. You're able to find a lot of sconce lighting, as well as single hanging LED bulbs. Lights under the cabinets replaced those single, large fixtures that dangle in the room and create more of a hassle then being helpful.

These top kitchen design trends are expected to continue through to 2015. If you're looking for a better look for your kitchen space, consider some of these changes. They are inexpensive, can help sell your home while also helping you enjoy your space a bit more.

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