Redecorate Your Rental With a Mini Makeover

Posted by Rick Delgado on Saturday, January 10th, 2015 at 4:39pm.

rental-decor-tipsRental restrictions can make redecorating seem like an uphill battle. Some landlords are more flexible than others, but many renters still feel as though they can never make the space their own. While you may not be able to knock down the walls, there some things renters can do to to revamp their rental. Try one of these rental decor tips, and freshen up your pad in no time.

Consider Less

If you do not have a huge apartment, then consider less, not more for the space. Having too much furniture makes a small space feel tiny. Removing a few pieces will not only make your apartment seem larger, it will also remove unnecessary items. And since you're not buying anything extra for your home, you'll save money at the same time.

Embrace Circular Furniture

Small spaces can seem larger when you add curvy items into the mix. Adding round items to the space such as a round rug, dining table or chair can add dimension without making lots of changes in your decor.

Wallpaper is Not Always Permanent

Wallpaper is a great way to accent your rental. Before you worry about it being there forever, remember that wall paper can be purchased in removable types. By adding a splash of color here, or there, you’re opening up options in a whole new level. Create an accent wall using wallpaper, or jazz up a room by using eye-catching textures.

Think Smaller

Instead of going with that overstuffed, oversized couch or chair consider choosing smaller furniture that will make the room look much larger than it actually is. This can create an illusion, but also allow you to have spaces to sit. Love seats can also make up for not having a couch.

Secret Stashes

Placing furniture in the corners of the rooms can give you additional space to hide items out of sight. It can provide you with a quick, go to space to hide items before people come over at a whim’s notice. Clean up quick, open space and hide the clutter somewhere else.

Mirrors on the Walls

Mirrors are a great way to open up a smaller space. When you place larger ones on the walls, you’re able to make the can create the illusion of having a much larger room. A well-placed mirror in an entryway can also brighten up a dark hallway.

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