Our Favorite Real Estate Tips from the Experts

Posted by Rick Delgado on Thursday, October 6th, 2016 at 5:37pm.

Our Favorite Real Estate Tips from the ExpertsWhether you’re buying, selling or renting a home; having tips to help you get through the process is essential. Use our list of quick tips directly from experts to know if you’re doing it right.

Tips for renters

Always buy renter's insurance

If you’re renting, always choose to purchase renter’s insurance. You never know what might happen and without it, nothing is covered; even the place you’re renting.

Document the property before moving in, and after moving out

It is essential to take pictures after you’ve moved out of a rental. This will provide proof of what you have and haven’t done, so nothing comes back later against you.

Raise your credit score quickly before you rent

Having poor credit can ruin your chances of renting a great apartment, so make sure that your credit report is in order. Follow these tips to quickly increase your credit score. Another way to score a rental with bad credit? Present your potential landlord with a letter of recommendation or consider offering a larger security deposit as a part of your rental agreement.

Tips for buyers

Do not trust the sellers agent

The seller’s realtor is not your friend. They are trying to sell the home for the owner, and they just might say what they can to get you to purchase it.

Understand the importance of a good location

Understand the best location is where your investment begins with home buying. Purchasing a large, lavish home in a bad neighborhood might not bring rewards later on compared to a smaller, more put together home in a great neighborhood.

Always perform a final walk through before sealing the deal

Never skip the final walk through of the home once you’ve agreed on a purchase price before closing. This is your time to make sure all repairs have been done, items have been removed and the items coming with the home are still there.

Tips for sellers

Do not disregard a low ball offer

If you’re selling a home, don’t be offended by a low balling offer. Just use your power to negotiate something that can work for the both of you, in the middle.

Say yes to any showing

If a prospective buyer wants to see your home as quickly as possible, but you have yet to pick up, let them. You never know when the next person might come around. Just quickly go through, pick up and let the house do the rest.

Entice buyers through the power of smell

Make your home smell good before it is being shown. Bake cookies in the oven, or light candles that provide a warming scent. Just make sure to put them out before you leave. Need a quick way to freshen up a room? Tape dryer sheets to a fan, and blast the fresh scent before your guests arrive.

Clear off all counter tops

Clear off the countertops in every room that there is a counter. We all love to see that there is ample counter space but with a lot of stuff on top of them, this is not possible.

Stage an empty property for max selling potential

If you’re listing your home for sale, but you’re not currently living in it, put furniture throughout it. This gives it the lived in feeling and allows prospective buyers to see their furniture and items in it, as well.

If there is any doubt, make sure to speak with our experts directly. We can clear anything up and even walk you through the process to ensure you find, sell or rent the perfect home.

Tips for homeowners

Quiet squeaky floors with talcum powder

Do your hardwood floors squeak when walked on? No need to rip them out! Silence the noise by sprinkling talcum powder in the cracks. 

Clean ceiling exhaust fans with pressurised air

Ceiling exhaust fans can be a pain to clean when caked with dust and grime. The solution? Use a can of pressurised air to blow away dirt with ease. No dripping water, no mess.

Clean up pet hair from carpets without vacuuming

Pet hair can get messy, but you don't always have time to vacuum. If you need to clean a room in a hurry, use a squeegee to scrape up hair from your carpets in a pinch.

Unclog a slow drain with baking soda and vinegar

Draino is expensive and filled with nasty chemicals. Instead, unclog drains the natural way by sprinkling baking soda down the drain, then following up with vinegar, then hot water.

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