How to boost natural light in your home

Posted by Rick Delgado on Monday, September 21st, 2015 at 10:31am.

how-to-boost-natural-light-in-your-homeNatural light is a great way to add plenty of appeal to your home. It gives the impression of a brighter, cleaner home, and can save money on electricity throughout the year. With the right items, placement and windows throughout your home; you too can achieve that peaceful, welcoming look that's oh so desirable to potential homebueyrs.

Use Mirrors Throughout the Home

Using reflective surfaces throughout the home can really open up a space. It is also where the natural light will hit, bounce off the walls and throughout the room. If you want to make a space appear larger, try large mirrors. It's a very inexpensive way to boost natural light in your home

Think Light and Thin

Curtains are a pretty addition, and while they can keep out the cold, they can also make the home look dark and depressing. By choosing a lighter, sheer curtain in a lighter color, you can allow more natural light to pass through. Fabric and curtain type can also make a huge difference as well. Opt for cottons, instead of Roman shades.

Keep the Windows Clean

It may seem like an obvious solution, but keeping windows sparkling clean can do wonders for natural light in your home. Stay away from cleaners that cause streaks in the glass, and use a microfiber cloth to avoid leaving marks. Cleaning experts swear by a solution of vinegar and water. No chemicals, and very budget friendly.

Lighter Paint Colors

Something as simple as paint color can really affect the amount of natural light that comes into your home. Use lighter paint colors on walls, and keep the ceilings white for optimal light reflection. This opens the room up for the natural light, and also makes it appear much larger than it actually is. If you’re using a darker color, go with a glossy paint to make it appear a bit brighter than what it would if it was a flat finish.

Consider Skylights

Opening up smaller spaces, and letting natural light in can be done when you install a skylight in the room. Put in tubular skylights to catch and stream the light into the room. It can make the room appear larger and brighter which is much more cheerful then having no natural light in the room.

Whatever you decide to do to brighten up your rooms with natural light, each of these options can be inexpensive and easy to do. It provides a nice pick me up when walking into the room in the morning, and a way to wind down in the afternoon when the sun is setting. Enjoy your home, enjoy fresh, natural sunlight.

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