Consider This Before Buying a House Together as a Couple

Posted by Rick Delgado on Saturday, April 4th, 2015 at 7:19pm.

buying-a-house-togetherKeeping your relationship steady during the process is one of the biggest key factors when choosing a home. Many couples will go into turmoil after the process and end up alone, with a home. Others will be well on their journey to being happy homeowners. Which will you be?

Use these tips before buying a house together. They may prove to be just what you need to be the happy homeowners.

Be on the same page with one another.

All too often, couples will find themselves wanting different things from a home. With everything from choosing where the home is, the type of home and what to do the home; couples find themselves bickering over things they can straighten out using a guide on the ‘must have’ or the ‘nice to have’ features of a home.

Know your budget and how much you can safely afford

With a home comes responsibilities and costs. You will have to pay the down payment, closing costs and if anything breaks in the home - it is on you. By knowing what you and your partner can afford can reduce the chances of a break down later on.

Be realistic about your expectations and ACT on them

Not all homes are going to come with exactly what you want. Think about the outcome, speak it over with your loved one, and act on it. Homes that sit may have an offer come the next day. If you both have a vision for the home, putting in your offer sooner rather than later is always a good way to go about it.

Get ready to hear what the inspector has to say

You need to actually listen to the problems they name, if any. Keep in mind, every property is going to have something wrong with it, unless it is newly built. Whether you can deal with the fixes, or not is what is going to make or break your commitment to the home. Know what your budget is, if you have the resources to fix the problems and if you’re both on board with the problems.

Agree on the real estate agent

Even if you have to interview several of them, you both need to like who you’re working with. Someone experienced, has some knowledge of the market you’re purchasing in and is willing to work with you is ideal to hire for the job of being your home buying advocate.

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