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Being a first time home buyer can be very confusing! With so many different houses, locations, and styles, it can become difficult to distinguish any home from the perfect home. 


Here is a six-step guide on finding the perfect home: 


1. Location, Location, Location!

Finding a perfect home starts with discovering where you want to live. Do you want to live near family? The beach? What about in the city! Figure out your ideal location for where you want to live and what your priorities are. Since buying a home is a long term investment, think about where you wanna be in the next couple of years. 


2. Money Honey! What is your budget?

Buying a home is an expense you have to be prepared for. Figure out your total monthly expenses including current debt. My recommendation is to stay within the 28% threshold of your income per month. Sit down with a financial representative and figure out what you can afford. 


3. A Fixer Upper

Once you have figured out your budget and location, think about considering whether you want to renovate a home. There a lots of benefits to remodeling a home such as a less expensive purchase and customizable renovations that are best suited towards your style. 


4. Unsure about your options? Do a Home Inspection! 

It's possible to fall in love with multiple homes at the same time. If you are stuck between a couple of homes, a home inspection is the best way to figure out which one to buy. A home with fewer problems will save you money in the end. 


5. Room for Growth

A new home means new memories and new adventures. Whether that is growing your family or needing extra space for family get togethers, find a home that has the opportunity for growth. We never know what life may bring! 


6. A Home is What You Make of It

A home becomes the perfect home when you decide how to make it your own. Don't sweat the small stuff! Remember that anything can be fixed and decorated perfectly to your needs.  

What is your perfect home? Let me know in the comments!

Rick Delgado

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