Avoid These 6 Common Listing Photo Mistakes

Posted by Rick Delgado on Saturday, March 21st, 2015 at 8:26am.

real-estate-photo-tipsReal estate photos can say a thousand words, whether they are truthful or not. The person seeing the pictures will want to know more about the home you’re trying to sell. If you’re purchasing the home, consider what pictures you’d like to see in the listing and then capture your home being sold in the same light.

Poor Lighting

Poor lighting is one of the most common real estate photo errors. With the proper balance of light, you can make the room really stand out and shine. Too dark, and the room looks small and depressing. Too light and your photo is overexposed.

A Cramped, Cluttered Room

Pictures of cluttered rooms does not do much for the prospective buyers. Busy rooms also look smaller. Keeping one or two of the larger items, such as the sofa, in the room during the picture taking can show a clean slate for the prospective buyers to look at. Remove all other items, including personal items.

Blurry Photos

No one likes blurry photos. Luckily, this is one of the easiest mistakes to fix. You need to steady yourself, set the camera down if necessary, and take the photos with a clear, open lens. Another option is to use a tripod, for more professional results.

real-estate-photo-mistakesPoorly Captured Exterior

The outside of the home is what draws buyers in. If you have proper photos of the home from different angles on the outside, you’re starting to gain some interest. However, if you take a picture with a tree in the middle of the home, you’re blocking the view of the house and losing interest along the way. Step aside, and then take your picture and don’t forget to capture the yard!

Less Photos, Hiding More

Many buyers are wary of listings with only one or two photos. If you do not have anything to hide, more is always better when it comes to listing photos. Make sure to cover every room, and offer multiple angles of the same room. Remember, you're trying to offer a 3D experience to prospective buyers.

Showing Items Not Coming With the Home

If you show a large jacuzzi tub in the listing and then do not deliver, the buyer may have some regrets for purchasing the home. Only picturing those items that are coming with the home, besides the obvious furniture and household items of your own, can reduce the trickery that might come from picturing them in the first place. Only capture rooms that are mostly empty, focused on the room and not the items within the room.

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