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Mikuni SacramentoMikuni Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar

1530 J St, Sacramento, CA 95814-2052

Mikuni is the place to go in Sacramento if you're feel like sushi. With various locations in the Greater Sacramento area, Mikuni has developed a reputation as the best sushi restaurant. In addition to standard fare like teriyaki and tempura, Mikuni features amazing sushi rolls like the Marilyn Monroll or the Spicy Johnny roll.

2. BiBa

2801 Capitol Ave, Sacramento, CA 95816 (28th & Capitol Avenue)

For scrumptious Northern Italian food, Biba will tantalize your tastebuds. If you're going out for a special occasion, you'll love Biba's fresh homemade pastas and mouthwatering sauces. Make sure you try the Osso Buco, it's one of their signature dishes.

3. The

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sacramento real estateThere's more good news on the Sacramento real estate front after a new report shows foreclosures in California are back at pre-recession levels.

A report by research firm Realtytrac confirms 92,000 California properties received foreclosure filings in 2015 - the lowest annual total since back in 2006.

California's overall foreclosure rate last year dropped by 15% from 2014, and is down more than 80% from the highest foreclosure year, which was 2010.

In a nutshell, California's foreclosure levels are now back on track to historical norms from before the 2008 recession.

In the Sacramento area, about 7,000 properties received foreclosure filings in 2015, which is down 11% from 2014, and, like the rest of the state, these are expected numbers.

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Fed's meeting notes are out today and GOOD NEWS nothing to worry about here. “Almost all” were in favor of raising the Fed funds rate in December with one or two policy makers not comfortable with the decision. Nothing new with the Dot plot which remained unchanged from the prior meeting. Overall the minutes had a dovish tone as a number of policy makers who had concerns about raising rates were quite vocal. Seems to me that the committee will be cautious and gradual when it comes to raising rates on a go forward basis.

10 year note still trading at 2.18%. Mortgage pricing better by 1/32nd post release. Stocks now off 325 points on the Dow. Worst start to the year for the stock market since 2008. 2016 maybe the year to equip your desk chair with a

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This month, we feature a beautiful home in the idyllic suburban community of Carmichael: 4420 Paradise Drive. Located 12 miles northeast of downtown Sacramento. this spacious 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, recently remodeled rancher is the perfect starter home for a young family. This established home has a total square footage of 1,804, and sitting on a lot size of .17 acres.

See the full listing here

4420 Paradise Drive, Carmichael, CA

4420-paradise-drive-carmichael-caPrice: $409,000

MLS#: 15075326
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 2
Acres: 0.17
Sq ft: 1,804
Year built: 1980
School District: San Juan Unified

4420 Paradise Drive: Move-in Ready

If you’re looking for a move-in ready home you’ll love the low maintenance appeal of 4420 Paradise Drive. The modern kitchen comes with custom

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us-mortgage-rates-updateFreddie Mac has increased mortgage interest rates in the last few weeks to just over 4 percent (for a 30 year fixed). According to the Mortgage Bankers Association and the National Association of Realtors, this trend is likely to continue.

This leaves many homebuyers wondering whether or not it's a good time to buy a home. If you worry about rising interest rates, but still hoping to invest in a home, read on.

Current Rates are Still Historic Lows

Many prospective buyers are kicking themselves for not taking advantage of historic low interest rates. What they must realize however, is that they can still purchase a home at a lower interest rate than previous generations. If we look at historic mortgage rates by decade, we can clearly see that

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us-real-estate-market-report-septemberAs the days start to cool off in the fall, US home sales in September have rebounded after a lackluster August. Existing home sales increased 4.7 percent according to the National Association of REALTORS, which means Americans are still buying homes, despite wavering global economic markets abroad.

Here are some of the important US housing market numbers:

  • Sales in the US jumped 8.8 percent over the past 12 months
  • The total number of overall listings has declined 3.1 percent
  • Median home sale price rose to $221,900 in September
  • Median home sale prices have risen 6.1 percent this year
  • Rising home prices are pushing some 1st-time buyers out of the market
  • At the time of publication, the 30-year, fixed rate mortgage averaged 3.79
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Earlier this year, I shared with you my top 25 Social Media Tips for Real Estate Agents. I've since received several requests for blogging tips for realtors. Ask and you shall receive. So here are 21 blogging tips I've learned over the years.

Blog Content

1. Write original content that is interesting and unique. If people find your content interesting, they will link to it naturally. This increases traffic to your site, and improves your site rank with Google.

2. Write what you know! If you're a condo specialist, write about different buildings in your area. If you deal with vacation homes, write about fun things to do in the area for visitors. Share your real estate expertise! It will give you credibility, which can help you land new

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how-to-boost-natural-light-in-your-homeNatural light is a great way to add plenty of appeal to your home. It gives the impression of a brighter, cleaner home, and can save money on electricity throughout the year. With the right items, placement and windows throughout your home; you too can achieve that peaceful, welcoming look that's oh so desirable to potential homebueyrs.

Use Mirrors Throughout the Home

Using reflective surfaces throughout the home can really open up a space. It is also where the natural light will hit, bounce off the walls and throughout the room. If you want to make a space appear larger, try large mirrors. It's a very inexpensive way to boost natural light in your home

Think Light and Thin

Curtains are a pretty addition, and while they can keep out the cold,

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serrano-country-clubSerrano is a beautiful neighborhood with families and singles alike. Safety is always a big factor when choosing a neighborhood and Serrano is just that and more. When you’re thinking of living in a beautiful area, a quiet area and one that looks out for one another, Serrano should be the first neighborhood that comes to mind. With beautiful, well up kept and landscaped homes; you can ensure that you get a beautiful home that fits well with the rest of the neighborhood.

Where is Serrano located?

Right on top of the rolling hills of El Dorado Hills, Serrano is the secluded neighborhood that has all of the conveniences and comforts you’d find within a larger community. With small shops, friendly neighbors and enough parks to go around, everyone is

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are-you-paying-too-much-in-property-taxesWhen tax time comes calling, and you see the tax bill but think you’re paying too high an amount in taxes then it might be time to take a closer look at what you are paying. Millions of Americans overpay their property taxes every year.  It is always ideal to take a re-examine at any bills or charges you get when receiving a bill for something.

Make sure you’re not paying more than you should when it comes to your property tax bill using these three tips.

Check Your Home Assessment For Errors

Check to make sure that the right amount of bedrooms, bathrooms and acreage for the home are indeed, what they should be. Even the smallest mistakes such as having a .30 acre home that is not a 3.0 acre home can come up. People are only human and these

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