5 Common Home Problems Not Covered in your Home Inspection

Posted by Rick Delgado on Monday, November 10th, 2014 at 8:28am.

home-inspection-tipsWhen it comes to signing a contract for a home, and actually going through the process - do not jump right into it. Before you settle into that new home, you should always consider a home inspection by a professional. One big thing that these inspectors do is find problems with the home prior to purchase - however, some major problems might go overlooked due to being outside of the scope when the inspector is inside the home.

You may not want to hire a specialist, but you should keep in mind that there are some things that are missed. Use these home inspection tips and look into these common problem areas.


Leaks are difficult for anyone to spot, even for a homeowner. That is because they can be there one day, but not the next. If the systems throughout the home have not been used for quite some time, these leaks can dry up. It may also take a few days once the items are turned on and used to have the problem pop up on you.

The key is to know that having an inspector take a look can alert you of some things, but it is not a guarantee that nothing will be wrong in the home once you move in. Take precautions and be prepared for anything.

Sewer Lines

A lot of problems will not show themselves overnight. This is one of the reasons why issues with sewer lines can go undetected by a lot of inspectors. Even when problems are detected, the inspector is not usually authorized to run the tests required to properly diagnose the problem. The inspector can look at the age of the pipes throughout the home, and determine whether there is an obstacle in the way of the pipes, but they will not send a scope down there to tell you more - it is just not something covered in a normal house inspection.

Heat Exchanger

If your home has an old furnace, paying for a contractor to come over can be in your best interest. If the unit is on the outside of the home however, the inspector is not going to inspect this. If there is a crack in the exchanger, it is going to mix with the outside air and seep carbon monoxide into the home - which is deadly. If the furnace is more than 10 years old, have a specialized HVAC contractor come to the home to do an inspection to ensure that there are no cracks. If there is a crack, the law requires him to install a new one before the home can be lived in.


Inspections throughout the home are visual, which means the inspector may see a problem with the light or other product, but they cannot tell you where that problem is within the system. This is when you’ll have to get an electrician to come to the home and look at it.


Inspectors will be able to let you know that there are going to be problems with the roof, or other structural aspect of the home. However, they cannot tell you how bad the problem is, or how much it might be to have it replaced - because that is not within their scope.

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